Keeping Your Medical Facility Safe From Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

rwOutside of the daily struggle to heal patients, medical facilities are facing one of their hardest struggles yet: keeping their facilities safe from the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria. With patients now coming in contact with these so-called “super bugs” in their daily lives and bringing them into hospitals and care facilities with them, medical facilities like yours are losing the battle. However, there are advances in understanding and available technology that can help you and your staff to keep fighting back against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Soft Surfaces Are the Real Transmitters

One of the most important realizations in the battle against super bugs is that your patients are being exposed to them through contact with soft surfaces. As much as 90% of a patient’s care environment can be made of soft surfaces, and these will often come in contact with contaminants without receiving any kind of sanitation. Your new sanitation efforts and protocols need to take this knowledge into account: soft surfaces (especially those which are mobile) need to be sanitized with the same care as hands and hard surfaces.

Dirty Scrubs

Your staff is already highly

Urgent Care Clinics Booming in Difficult Healthcare Market

yThe economic downturn, looming entitlement reforms and potential budget cuts in the United States at the federal and state level are allowing the growth of urgent care clinics, otherwise known as immediate care clinics, to substantially increase. This is considered to be a remedy to fill in the growing doctor shortage.

According to industry reports and spending by large healthcare operators, the number of urgent care clinics is projected to soar within the next decade. It is estimated that more than 8,000 urgent care clinics have been established – other numbers show 9,000 – and the Urgent Care Association of America reports eight to 10 percent annual growth.

Urgent care facilities are different than traditional hospitals and are rather similar to the health clinics found in places like Walmart and Walgreen because they are usually open on evenings and weekends and treat common health issues – some immediate care clinics do offer additional services like X-rays for broken bones.

Some medical professionals like to consider their urgent care clinics as after-hours doctors’ offices. Most of those who work in such an office do note, however, patients may

Save A Life

scI suggest that everyone learn how to a save a life just in case, one day, it becomes necessary. Yesterday morning, I woke up and followed my morning routine. The first thing I do when I get to the kitchen is get my 24 ounces of water and then go over to take my supplements. I was swallowing down my Vitamin C pills and my Multivitamin and, suddenly, I felt them lodge in my throat and I couldn’t breathe.

I paused and thought they would shift. They did not shift. I was gasping for air. I stayed calm and walked to my son’s room where he was sleeping. He heard me gasping and flew out of bed. I had my hand in a fist and was pushing it against my diaphragm area. He knew I needed the Heimlich and he grabbed me started applying it. It took about four attempts before I could breathe again. I stood there sucking in air and taking in what just had happened. He stood there looking at me with wide eyes. Can you imagine waking up that way?

I had

Surgery Jobs Are Yours for the Taking

swYou’ve gone through school. You’ve done all your clinicals. You’ve finished your internships. You’ve gotten your certifications in the state. Now you’re ready to hunt down surgery jobs and show that you have what it takes to work in the healthcare industry. It may be harder to find a surgeon job in a hospital than you think – which is why you need someone giving you the extra little push.

A medical recruiter may be the best way to look for surgery jobs. You need to find someone who already has an in with the hospital and will listen to the recommendations. Some hospitals will ignore your resume because of one or more reasons, like:

• You don’t have a lot of experience
• Your resume didn’t come from a recruiter
• You haven’t worked for a particular hospital
• You don’t have a recommendation from a name they recognize

Hospitals will find a variety of reasons why they skip over resumes – and most of the time it’s not personal. It’s simply that they get so many resumes for surgery jobs that they need to find

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Advanced Care Planning

scToo often, people do not give adequate thought to advanced care planning until it is too late. While it may seem like a touchy subject, or something you do not want to think about, planning your care in advance of emergencies is paramount to making sure you get the level of care that you want and deserve. If you have never thought much about advanced planning of your healthcare, here are five things you should know.

1. What is An Advanced Care Plan?

An advanced care plan is exactly what it sounds like. It is a plan you make in advance of ever getting sick or suffering an emergency, and details the steps your doctors and health care team can take in providing health care, in the event that you are unable to explain or make decisions about your own health care. For instance, if you have a care plan in place, and then were to slip into a coma, your family and doctors would have a document explaining exactly how you would like to be treated.

2. Considerations for Advanced Care Planning

Although thinking about how you

Tips To Assemble Care Kits With Affordable Medical Supplies

saEmergencies can strike at anytime and anywhere, and it seems as if they strike especially when you are not prepared. Hundreds of thousands of persons do not, or are not prepared for emergencies, or do they have insurance that can cover the costs of affordable medical supplies that may be needed during emergencies or after being involved with accidents or surgeries.

It is very easy to assemble emergency care kits with a few discount medical supplies. Affordable medical supplies are useful, not only for medical care facilities such as clinics, hospitals, or doctors’ offices, but every home should have emergency care kits, that can be very handy when they are needed.

It is also highly recommended that you assemble an emergency care kit with some discount medical supplies, and keep them in your automobile in case of an accident. You it is also advised that kits be kept in your office since it is recommended that multiple kits be maintained, some savings can be realized if the supplies are purchased in bulk.

There is practically no place where emergency care kits can be useful, as emergencies will

Brain Injuries and Lasting Disabilities

sqTBI, or a traumatic brain injury, can leave the whole family feeling confused, angry and overwhelmed. Oftentimes the diagnoses of a brain trauma is devastating to all involved, not just the victim of the injury. Many brain traumas occur as a result of an everyday accident. Such simple things such as tripping and falling off a curb can lead to a serious brain injury. Perhaps it’s the result of a car accident or a sports injury that has caused the injury to the brain. In many cases, the victim may act and feel normal at first. Someone close to them begins to notice some abnormal behavior, extreme fatigue, or perhaps irritation, confusion and feelings of being disoriented. This can be due to the brain swelling, and is not always obvious right away. This is one reason why emergency medical care should happen as soon after the trauma as is possible.

Once the diagnosis of a cranial injury has been given, you will generally need to hire a brain injury attorney who will help you to establish who is legally responsible for the injury. To establish

Find a Hospitalist in No Time at All

dsWithin your hospital, you are going to need at least one hospitalist. This is the person that is going to be caring for people while they are hospitalized. If you are short on this position, your patients who are staying overnight may not be getting the level of care that they need or that they expect. This means that your hospital is going to drop dramatically in terms of quality.

The job search for a hospitalist can take two weeks or longer. This is because you have to advertise the job opening and wait for resumes to come in. You cannot begin reading the resumes right away because you want to get plenty in and give everyone the opportunity to apply. Not only will you have external resumes but you will also have internal resumes for people who are looking to move up within the hospital.

Since the healthcare industry is growing, more and more people are studying in school to become a hospitalist. As a result, you will have more and more people seeking jobs within the hospital. You could end up with 1000 resumes

Who Can Take Part In Clinical Trials?

dClinical trials have become very popular in the modern world because people have realized its importance and how they can help to eradicate illness. This is the reason why millions of people take part in clinical trials today.

Some people might take part because they have no other choice. The medicines that are already available to them might not be working, so they opt to take a medicine on a trial. In the clinical trials, they are tested with new medicines, which nobody has used or seen. These medicines are different from the ones they have used in the past. Though the main ingredient might be the same, there might have been some new added ingredients that they have developed for the trial. This new medicine might be just want is needed to save a patient’s life.

People take part in the clinical trials in a hope that these trials would help them be a better person health wise. The trials are carried out by the experienced researchers who constantly find new ways to make the medicines more effective.

Many times, they have had a breakthrough in

Joint Replacement Risks to Be Aware of

eJoint replacement is a surgical option when the joint is damaged to such an extent that it hampers free movement and causes extreme pain. The decision to undergo such a surgery is difficult. There is a lot of apprehension around how it is done, what materials are used for the artificial joints, do many people undergo such a surgery and what are the after effects?

Well, to answer all these questions in short, joints that are irreversibly damaged require replacement. Replacing a damaged joint can help you move around and feel better. Damage to the joint could be due to arthritis, accidents, sports injuries and other such diseases that cause swelling and stiffness of the joints. The replaced joint is generally made up of plastic or metal or a combination of both. The new joints last nearly 10 – 15 years.

Now, looking at the risks, joint replacement surgery like any other surgery has its own risks. Here are the after effects that you need to be aware of. Remember that most of the after effects are treatable so, make sure that you contact your doctor

Gift Ideas For Your Terminally Ill Loved One

lThis is something that no one likes to talk about. Terminal illness can be one of the most stressful and devastating things to watch a person go through. Perhaps it goes without saying that it is much worse for the person who is sick, and that generally necessitates that you be there for them. Most people want to offer some sort of gesture to show their concern and support, but they’re typically so overwhelmed that the most effort they’re willing to put in to buying a gift is a trip to the hospital gift shop. Understandably so. Most would naturally feel like they have more important things to be thinking about.

Of course, in spite of the fact that it seems trivial, a gift can truly be important to a sick or declining individual. We often times can become so entrenched in the more objective and medical side of things that we forget how important a patient’s feelings are to their recovery. The fact is that a person who doesn’t want to die is less likely to die than a person who does want

Treatment Options

trKidneys help filter waste and regulate other functions of your body. When kidneys fail, treatment is required to restore normal functioning of the body. There are a few choices you have for kidney treatment:

Hemodialysis – this includes a machine that filters blood outside the body.

Peritonial Dialysis – this includes the use of a lining from the belly that filters the blood inside the body.

Kidney Transplant – this includes replacing the failed kidney with a good one from a donor.

The basic function of kidneys is to remove excess fluid, minerals and waste from the blood and clean it. Kidneys are also responsible for making hormones that keep your bones strong as well as blood healthy. Kidney failure can greatly impact the normal functioning of your body. Harmful wastes may build up, blood pressure may rise considerably, the body retains excess fluid and will not be able to build enough red blood cells.

Let’s take a look at all the three treatment choices:


A machine is used to temporarily rid your body of the harmful wastes and extra salt in the body. This in turn greatly helps control

Why Clinical Trials Are So Important in the Medical Profession

sYou have probably heard of people who have taken part in clinical trials over the years, some may have found a successful treatment for their life threatening disease, others may not have been so lucky. This may leave you wondering why clinical trials are so important and how they can make a difference in the medical profession moving forward.

The first reason why clinical trials are so important is that they identify how new potential treatments work. They are distributed to particular people who have chosen to participate, these people are then monitored regularly to identify how the treatment is working, if it making a difference and how they react to the new medication.

Another reason why this testing phase is so imperative before any medication is released to the public is that the developers have to ensure that it is safe. This means the only way they can really identify how it is going to affect the human body is to give it to humans, those with and without serious illnesses, to ensure that it does as it is meant to and can make a

9 Different Ways You Can Break Your Bones and How to Treat Them

dfA fracture means that one or more of your bones have been broken due to an impact with more force or pressure than your bones can support.

Fractures can be open or closed. Open fractures occur when the ends of a broken bone break the skin and are exposed. Closed fractures are also known as simple fractures, and happen when the bone does not break the skin.

Fractures can also be classified by the way the bone breaks:

  • Greenstick fracture: an incomplete fracture in which the bone only breaks on one side, while the other side is merely bent.
  • Torus fracture: an incomplete fracture where the bone is broken on one side and this causes a bump on the other side.
  • Non-displaced fracture: when a bone breaks into even pieces that can be aligned in place afterwards.
  • Displaced fracture: when a bone breaks into pieces that cannot be aligned.
  • Hairline fracture: as the name suggests, this fracture occurs when the bone is broken in a thin crack.
  • Single fracture: when the bone only breaks in one place.
  • Compression fracture: when the bone is crushed.
  • Comminuted fracture: when the bone is crushed or broken in

Key Clinical Research Sites in South America

vThere are many countries in South America that are growing in popularity as ideal areas for medical companies to conduct clinical trials. The reason for the increasing demand is due to a variety of factors, ranging from higher patient retention rates to the interesting disease profile of populations in the region.

South America also benefits from having vast populations, making them an exceptional source of patients that can be recruited to participate in trials. With these attractive benefits in mind, here are a few of the key clinical research sites in South America that pharmaceutical companies around the world are choosing to carry out their studies in.

Some of the major countries that are popular for clinical research trials are Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, all ideal due to their large and dense urban populations. Pharmaceutical companies choosing to outsource their clinical trials to sites in South America may choose either one of these countries or several of them in a multi-centred approach.

Up-and-coming countries that are proving in demand for clinical research trials are other Latin American nations Ecuador, Peru and Chile. These areas are of increasing

Benefits of Participating in Clinical Research Studies

ewThere are numerous reasons why people may decide to take part in clinical research studies throughout the world. There are numerous benefits to making the decision to participate in this type of reason, though it is important to note that it doesn’t come without its share of risks.

The first benefit you may find is if you are suffering from a life threatening illness and none of the treatments you have been given are working, clinical research gives you the opportunity to access treatments that haven’t been made available on the market yet. Bear in mind that before any medication, device or solution is introduced to human test subjects, it goes through years of development and testing, so while there are some risks, these are reduced by the time the option gets to the clinical research stages.

In addition to this, you will find that you are given the opportunity to try new medications and while there may be risks, you have to weigh these up against the potential benefits that you may experience. You do not need to have a life threatening disease to participate

When To Call The Doctor For Common Ailments

erMany question whether or not to bother their family medicine practitioner when it comes to common issues like headaches, fever and similar. Sadly, most don’t want to be a bother or seem like they are calling for every little thing but it’s important to realize that anyone practicing family medicine is there for them and their family whenever they are concerned about their health. There should be no reason to shy away from at least giving them a call.

Here are some common ailments and how one should approach them; if they should call their family medicine professional or wait it out.


Fever in children is their little body’s common reaction to any type of infection in the body. The raised temperature makes the body inhospitable for any germs. The best thing to do is to give them over-the-counter medications to reduce fever and keep them comfortable.

In adults, fever is another story. This is because the family medicine specialist is able to ask them about aches and pains, and about their medical history. Those with immune system deficiencies should take fever as the sign of inflammation

Urgent Care – What Is It?

cdThis is a health care service that is provided to those who have a medical condition or injury that requires medical attention. It is also less expensive to visit urgent care than going to the emergency room. Usually the medical care that is needed is within twenty-four hours after an injury has happened or you became sick. Urgent care is usually a clinic that is not attached to a hospital, but may be on the same grounds as the hospital. Many times patients who visit this type of clinic do have a regular physician but they cannot get in that day to see their physician or it is after hours at their physician. If their medical illness or medical condition is not serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room they can choose to go to urgent care instead.

These types of medical clinics began to emerge in the 1970s and many times health insurance companies strongly encouraged their clients to use this walk-in clinic whenever they needed medical care and either did not have a regular physician or could not get into

Ripples From an Infant’s Distress

4With all that has to happen in the womb, it’s amazing that anyone is ever born at all.

~Coleman Haggerty, CP~

William was born in the usual way to the delight of his family, relatives and their friends. He appeared as a beautiful baby boy and everyone rejoiced. On his second day of life a nurse found him gray and crying in a high-pitched tone indicating distress. His caregivers switched into emergency mode and immediately transferred him to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The staff closely monitored him and conducted tests to rule out the most likely reasons for his distress. The tests were all came back normal. He stabilized and returned to looking and acting like a healthy baby.

When a baby is born we all expect or at least hope that no difficulties will arise. When a crisis arises for a newborn, we suddenly face the fragility of life. Babies are delicate and need a great deal of protection. We all accept that. But how do we react when a baby is faced with an unknown threat? We want to do what we can but

Buy Medical Gloves Wholesale for Medical Examination Needs

neWe all understand the fact how important it becomes for those involved in healthcare industry to wear gloves when a patient is being treated. These are the medical gloves and they are disposed of after they have been used by doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners. The main motive behind wearing these medical gloves while performing a surgery is to prevent the contamination between the patient and the doctor.

Disposable gloves are one of the most important supplies and they certainly play a crucial role keeping both doctor and patient away from infectious particles. If the gloves worn by the caregiver are not of a premium quality, his health can be seriously affected due to the contamination occurring because of patient’s blood. You should buy wholesale medical gloves so that they can be used by medical professionals as and when required.

The medical gloves act as a protection barrier that keeps both doctors and patients safe when a surgery is being performed. The physician’s or surgeon’s skin does not come into contact with the patient’s. There can be a possibility that doctors can pick up various