scI suggest that everyone learn how to a save a life just in case, one day, it becomes necessary. Yesterday morning, I woke up and followed my morning routine. The first thing I do when I get to the kitchen is get my 24 ounces of water and then go over to take my supplements. I was swallowing down my Vitamin C pills and my Multivitamin and, suddenly, I felt them lodge in my throat and I couldn’t breathe.

I paused and thought they would shift. They did not shift. I was gasping for air. I stayed calm and walked to my son’s room where he was sleeping. He heard me gasping and flew out of bed. I had my hand in a fist and was pushing it against my diaphragm area. He knew I needed the Heimlich and he grabbed me started applying it. It took about four attempts before I could breathe again. I stood there sucking in air and taking in what just had happened. He stood there looking at me with wide eyes. Can you imagine waking up that way?

I had to kind of chuckle thinking of how things come back around. Many years ago, my son had taken his vitamin and all of sudden he was clutching at his throat and his eyes got real big. I told him to stay calm, went over to him and performed the Heimlich. Yesterday, he got to return the favor.

Later in the day, I wondered what would have happened if he had not been here. I could have tried to Heimlich myself on my kitchen chairs. They are rounded. It may have worked. I was just grateful that he was here to save a life which just happened to be mine! I also thought about how many people do not know how to apply life saving techniques like the Heimlich or CPR.

There are courses offered everywhere to teach these simple life saving techniques. It’s so important that we learn how to use these tools at our disposal. The best case scenario is that we never have to use them. Well, on second thought, maybe the best case scenario is that we are the one in the room that knows how to use them and gets to save a life as a result of the knowledge we have gained by learning.

I suggest that everyone who does not already have the skills find out how to learn them. Start with your local hospital. See what they offer or where they refer you. You may just save a life one day! Who doesn’t want to be a hero?


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