swYou’ve gone through school. You’ve done all your clinicals. You’ve finished your internships. You’ve gotten your certifications in the state. Now you’re ready to hunt down surgery jobs and show that you have what it takes to work in the healthcare industry. It may be harder to find a surgeon job in a hospital than you think – which is why you need someone giving you the extra little push.

A medical recruiter may be the best way to look for surgery jobs. You need to find someone who already has an in with the hospital and will listen to the recommendations. Some hospitals will ignore your resume because of one or more reasons, like:

• You don’t have a lot of experience
• Your resume didn’t come from a recruiter
• You haven’t worked for a particular hospital
• You don’t have a recommendation from a name they recognize

Hospitals will find a variety of reasons why they skip over resumes – and most of the time it’s not personal. It’s simply that they get so many resumes for surgery jobs that they need to find a way to sort through them all. And unfortunately, your resume may be sliding through each time.

A recruiting company is being used by hospitals more and more. This is because hospitals are learning that they don’t have the time to recruit surgeons. Their time is better spent working on other aspects of HR – like training. This means that they hand over a list of open positions to the recruiter and then step in when it’s time to conduct final interviews and make a hiring decision.

Looking for surgery jobs is much simpler when you work with a resume. You will only have to turn your resume in once and they will submit it to the hospitals that you qualify for – along with their stamp of approval.

You may not be looking in all of the areas that you could be. You may be looking at the big picture and trying to apply to the two or three big hospitals in the area. You forget that there are a lot of little doctor offices that hire surgeons as well. They then “borrow” space at the hospital in order to perform the surgeries. Cosmetic surgeons, cardiac surgeons, Orthopedics and others are known for doing this – and a recruiter is aware of these things.

You don’t want to be looking for jobs forever and the recruiter doesn’t want you to. They are going to do all they can to help you find surgery jobs. They will likely be able to find you more than one that you qualify for, allowing you to take your pick. This makes it easy for you to find the surgeon position that you want so that you are happier inside of your chosen career.

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